Introducing Yoyo’s Breath Treat

    • One-of-a-kind innovation, fighting bad breath at its root cause
    • Formulated from 100% quality human-grade, wholesome ingredients
    • Hand-crafted, oven-baked, sun dried, 100% naturally made
    • No fillers or additives or man-made vitamins and probiotics added
    • 100% free of any preservatives, artificial colors or flavoring
    • It’s made only for dog’s digestive and overall health
    • See effects as soon as in just 5 days!!!
    • 100% satisfaction guaranteed   
    • Where to buy
      Direct order from Yoyo’s
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Dear friends,

At Yoyo’s, we believe a dog’s bad breath is often caused by a poor digestive system. 

Commercial dog food is processed in high temperature, high pressure environments. Feeding dogs with highly processed dog food over the course of their life times affects the digestive system and may contribute to other health issues later in life such as obesity, dental disease, skin problems, and even cancer. (Read more here “10 Scary Truths About Your Dog Food”)

If your fur friend’s bad breath has you running in the other direction, give “Yoyo’s Breath Treat” a try—a 100% natural pure human food remedy & proven to work since 2016 for bad breath caused by a poor digestive system. Each treat is infused with all-natural, quality human-grade wholesome ingredients. This unique treatment formula was originally developed for my beloved black labrador, Yoyo, and has since been effective for Yoyo and many others. 

As the bad breath disappears, you will also notice other symptoms, such as stinky greasy coat, dog smell, goopy eyes, ear discharges, itch skin etc. , will be gone too. These are the extra surprise benefits my dog received by taking Yoyo’s Breath Treat. As a result, there will be a marked improvement in your dog’s overall health. I am confident that your fur babies will be in much better shape and that you will be one happy dog owner. 

To the good health, long and happy life of your dog,

Yan Cheng
The Inventor of Yoyo’s Breath Treat

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