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Dear Friends,

I created “Yoyo’s Breath Treat” for the first time for my beloved black labrador, Yoyo. When she was ten years old, her breath really started to stink! I treated her with various store-bought dental chews and cleaned her teeth. Nothing worked! Then I fed her “Yoyo’s Breath Treat”—an all-natural, delicious dog treat inspired by a unique health recipe I had developed over the years for my family members. I was surprised by the result. In just three days, there was marked improvement. By the end of two weeks, her bad breath had disappeared completely.

Since then, Yoyo’s Breath Treat has become my dog’s regular nutritional supplement. It does much more than simply fighting bad breath. Yoyo’s overall health has improved significantly. After three months or so, her fur started to shine again and her energy level rose. A few lumps and bumps that formed as she aged began to shrink, and her failing eyesight improved. It is amazing to see her back on the field running along with other dogs, chasing balls, and still having fun at the age of thirteen.

“Yoyo’s Breath Treat” is NOT YOUR AVERAGE DOG TREAT,  it is a UNIQUE, PURE-FOOD REMEDY PROVEN TO WORK.  It is inspired by love and passion for our fur friends and made with 100% wholesome, all-natural, human-grade ingredients plus a lot of tender and loving care. 

To the good health, long and happy life of your dog,


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